Mysterious statues on Easter Island. They have solved their secret?

According to Time, the scientists came up with a trail that allowed them to solve one of the most intriguing puzzles about Easter Island.

Researchers say they have discovered why the Easter Island in the Pacific Ocean has “mysterious statues.” New research shows that stone monoliths have been set in a specific way to indicate where fresh drinking water is located. Carl Lipo, professor of anthropology at the University of Binghamton, and co-author of the study, said that “the setting of monuments was related to the life of the community.” According to Time, this discovery may allow scientists to learn more about the “little-known civilization” that inhabited the island.

The presence of statues on Easter Island has long intrigued scientists. The team developing the new study analyzed 93 figures to determine why they were set in a specific way. The dependence between their location and the occurrence of various types of resources, eg drinking water, was investigated. The authors of the study found that the setting of the figures was consistent with the “underground aquifer.” Figures are found in both coastal and inland areas. The authors of the study believe that there is a possibility that the size of the monuments was to indicate the abundance and quality of water resources in a specific place.

Internet Addiction Disorder

The term addiction usually equates to the introduction of substances that cause harmful somatic or mental changes into the body. However, activities can also be an addictive factor. Many people are addicted to gambling, watching TV or computer.

Computer technology has so deeply penetrated into our lives that practically without these machines modern humans would not be able to function. Thousands of people spend hours in front of the monitors because this is their job. But there are people for whom nothing else matters. The problem arises when contacts with living people disappear in life and only contact with the object remains.
Much has been said recently and is about the addictive effect of the Internet, but while some experts believe that this is an undeniable fact, others argue that it is only and exclusively fueling clients from treatment of addictions.

Internet addiction is becoming an increasingly serious social problem – an opinion that is increasingly heard. Addicted people spend a large part of their time surfing the Internet, which means that they simply begin to miss him on other important issues – work, study, rest, family life and social contacts. There are also voices that if you can talk about addiction to the Internet, because you often use it, you also need to tell about addiction to the TV, which in many homes is turned on throughout the day or the fridge, which we look after a dozen times a day, and After all, no one has heard about TV and ice-creamers.
However, on the other hand, you can not deny the existence of people who, “as usual” parents or spouses say, sit in front of the computer monitor chatting with friends, downloading files or browsing mail or mailing lists.

Are they an internetoholics? It depends on whether the time they spend online does not prevent them from running a normal life, fulfilling their household, professional or school duties. According to a survey among Internet users, about 30% of those who responded to it treat the web as a place to escape the problems of the real world.
Internet addiction, i.e. IAD

                 Internet Addiction Disorder

All you have to do is use it without interruption and do not get away from it. That’s how many people have become addicted.
The symptoms of Internet addiction are: treating the computer as a means of relieving stress, feeling irritated in other contacts than contact with a computer, spending more and more money on phone bills (in the case of those who use the Internet via modem).
American scientists believe that more than 20% of web users are online addicts. The average addicted person is a man at the age of 30, with higher education, who more deviates from interpersonal contacts, he can even spend on the net during the week about 20 hours.

Now Internet addiction is treated like an addiction, such as drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes. However, it should not be confused with everyday use of the Internet at work or school.
There are more and more voices about whether the computer and the Internet pose a threat to human health, and not only physical (spinal curvature, muscle belt looseness, vision defects, damage to the nerves responsible for wrist and hand movements), but also to mental health. They can affect the human psyche and cause serious emotional disturbances. That’s why it’s time to notice not only the good, but also the bad side of the benefits of technology.

Teachers teaching at a school where there is a computer lab and there is constant access to the Internet must know that using civilization progress in this field brings as much goodness as dangers. Teachers should be aware that they and their students can very easily become slaves to the computer network. Excessive idealization of the computer, fascination with the virtual reality leading to the abuse of the Internet during almost all classes in order to encourage students to them, instead of developing children can lead to irreversible disturbances in their proper development, distort the student’s personality and alienate him.

Many young people with a distorted image of themselves, with low self-esteem, feel secure in the computer world. Beauty, gender, education, skin color or belief are not important in this world. Everyone is equal here, there is no discrimination, and the only criterion of the individual’s value is the efficiency of navigating the network. The Internet, which brings fast and cheap contact with the whole world and provides a comprehensive flow of information, for some users becomes an addiction and leads to disturbances in contacts with the environment.

The Internet is a global computer network that integrates innumerable smaller networks – local, urban, and extensive. The Internet is also a community of people using it and a collection of resources available in it. Computer networks are lined with banks, hospitals, offices, schools. The most important internet services are WWW (World Wide Web) and e-mail.
The Internet is also an important place for commercial ventures. More and more companies place their ads on virtual websites, and statistics confirm that this form of advertising is often more effective than traditional on television, radio or the press. By entering the appropriate website you can buy a car, CDs or DVDs, books and many other things.

Clickbank Ad Rotator

The Internet is currently one of the largest cultural places in the world. You can find here many books of the most famous authors, visit the Basilica of Saint. Peter in Rome, get to know all species of animals and plants, watch films, read popular newspapers (eg Gazeta Wyborcza, Newsweek, New York Times). It can not be concealed that the web pages of students find ready-made essays, summaries of lectures, or papers from almost every field of science. When they need to find a specific topic, all they need to do is enter the internet browser (eg Yahoo, Onet, Interia, and Wirtualna Polska), and they will receive a list with websites’ addresses on the subject of interest.

Of course, the Internet is not just HTML documents. E-mail is its most common application. It allows you to communicate in the form of letters to people from around the world. For young people, it is not a novelty that thanks to e-mail, a reply from a colleague, eg from Japan, can be received in a few minutes. The letter in such a form can not disappear, get wet or be torn. Along with the lists, you can send files of any format. An extensive form of e-mail are mailing lists, where all members of the group, for example 200 people, receive a letter. The Internet is the source of so much information, it is a tool that helps millions of people around the world to work and communicate.

“It is estimated that the Internet used approx. 200 m in the late 90s

Life without computers and the Internet.

The times in which we live are the times of new technologies.

Computerized, accelerated, facilitated.

Computers, laptops, mobile phones, and above all the internet, which we can use wherever we are, each of our devices has wide access to it.

But does our life have to revolve around technology. Imagine if it was if the world did not recognize the Internet and computers.

Already since the dawn of time, people have managed without computers, internet and other electronic gadgets. For sure the first thing would be to organize the time of youth.

Because if the computer does not exist, we would certainly go outside more often and help more at home. We would not spend hours in front of the monitor, so we would have more time to learn and our eyes would not break


The libraries would not be empty, as until now, because learning about something would be done with the help of an encyclopedia. Life without computers and the Internet would be wonderful and healthier, because people would go out of their homes more often, walk more simply would be healthier. Man he would have time for himself, he would like to develop and not as it is now that he is bored with beer, armchair, chips and computer, which leads to death caused by obesity.

And children would be safer. Technology makes life easier, but it is not him, the image of the world is being polished so that its real reflection is not appreciated.

Many people like me think that the world would be more beautiful and more appreciated by people. The world without the Internet is the world of books, social people, open and accessible, because instead of sitting on the net, they would meet in reality.




You know those people who like to bother others for their own enjoyment? In person, it could be harmless teasing or pranks.

Online it is mostly with ill intent. This activity, called “trolling,” occurs on the Web on social media, message boards, virtual worlds, online games, etc.

The person trolling can hide behind the guise of a username and never face their victims in person, so the torment can be much more offensive. Here is an example of trolling on Facebook:

And there’s more. The fact that trolling is unproductive and hurtful to others isn’t the only reason you should not engage in this activity. It is possible to develop Chronic Troll Syndrome, as described in “Phreaks, Hackers, and Trolls” by E. Gabriella Coleman.

It is described as an “Internet disease” that causes people to leak their trolling personalities into their real world actions. They start to prank and harass people in their real lives without realizing it is inappropriate and not evaluating the consequences since there are none online.

People with the condition also blur the lines between being online and being themselves in the real world, so they don’t see the differences, though they clearly exist.

If you participate in these online entertainment outlets, beware of these pesky characters who prey on random strangers’ innocence, not like the cute troll from Disney’s Frozen above. If you are targeted, do not take it personally. Actually, don’t even give it a second thought. The trolls will only feed on your responses and defensiveness and continue to slash and deepen the wounds.

If you are a troll, even if you only do lighthearted pranks, tread lightly. Consider the results of your actions and how they will affect others. Do not let it get out of hand and have it turn into Chronic Trolling Syndrome.

But you have to admit, the playful trolling is just plain funny. Check out this House of Cards Twitter account manager trolling real politicians



You’re familiar with the concept. You might even be a gamer yourself. Many people across the globe engage in virtual worlds regularly.

Games like World of Warcraft and Minecraft enable players to create players and interact with others as if they are real people in a different universe. Most gamers choose to play for recreational enjoyment, but others prey upon the vulnerable in a method that resembles cyberbullying, called griefing.

Roland Wojak describes griefing as essentially cyberbullying that takes place in virtual worlds in “Griefing Through the Virtual World.”

Here are some things to consider when engaging in virtual worlds or developing opinions about them:


1. Virtual worlds allow those with disabilities to create characters without those disabilities in the world and forget they are disabled during play.

2. Social interaction during the games allows those who are uncomfortable talking to others in person to do so in the virtual world.

3. The virtual world is an escape from reality and can help people disconnect and escape to relax and relieve stress.


1. Growing attached to one’s avatar and being targeted and attacked via griefing can make a person feel victimized.

2. Female players are repressed from playing such games, play under false masculine pretense, or are unfairly targeted for being female by those who partake in griefing. This is due to a perception that video games are masculine and are dominated by males and fueled by the perception that males are inherently dominant to females in the real world. 

3. It can be difficult to dissociate one’s real self with the individual’s avatar self. This can lead to feeling the effects of what happens to the avatar, either griefing or negative outcomes that are integral to the game, much more heavily. It can also interfere with the player’s life if they start to identify with/as the  avatar outside of the game.

The Message

Whether you are already a virtual world gamer, know someone who is, or are considering taking it up as a hobby, weigh these advantages and disadvantages. If you are targeted by griefing, step back and realize that it is not the real world, take a break, and/or switch games or areas within the world.



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The best dream I ever had

Floating on the liars blood
I came to the throne
And my reign was made of glass
And mirrors that reflected souls
Built upon the tomb of falsehood

Be warned
Everyone will pay for lies
With his own life
Less is more
Never mind what people say

Dinosaur Speak Troppo stress, non abbastanza sonno …

Contate le calorie, ma lo fate male

La trappola più grande non è quella di includere le calorie nascoste Cosa può sfuggirti?

aggiungendo più grasso da friggere “quando la carne inizia a bruciare”
zucchero e / o latte / crema di caffè
girasole o altri semi / pietre aggiunti alle insalate
quantità sottovalutata di burro usato per spalmare panini
calorie dalla frenesia del fine settimana – non c’è niente di sbagliato nel permetterti di deviare dalla dieta, ma se vuoi essere meticoloso nel determinare la kiloclaoria consumata, dovresti anche contare su di loro durante il fine settimana. Dal punto di vista della perdita di peso, la quantità media di kiloclaorie consumata è un fattore determinante migliore della kcal consumata giornalmente dal lunedì al venerdì.
succhi di frutta – sani, ma calorici quasi come coca cola, ecc.
farina aggiunta a vari piatti


Farmaci che rendono difficile dimagrire

Sottolineo che prendere i seguenti farmaci non ti impedisce di perdere peso, tuttavia, in molti casi può rendere più facile il dimagrimento ostacolando la combustione dei grassi, l’affaticamento muscolare più veloce o l’aumento dell’appetito:

I nomi dati sono sostanze attive dominanti nel farmaco o nel gruppo di farmaci, e non i nomi commerciali dei singoli preparati

Alcuni antidepressivi come Paroxetine
Metoprololo (betabloker)
Corticosteroidi, glucocorticoidi – per esempio preparazioni per inalazione per pazienti con asma
FANS – farmaci anti-infiammatori non steroidei – preparati analgesici popolari disponibili senza prescrizione medica
alcuni antiepilettici
alcune pillole anticoncezionali (specialmente II e le generazioni precedenti)


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